Wednesday Wonders: Cross Pollinating Your Art With New Forms

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Paint brushes

Display of paint brushes

It’s an absolutely crazy idea but one of my colleagues and I are going to start an art club at work.

It’s crazy because who has that kind of time?

It’s crazy because I should focus more on my writing.

It’s crazy because we so often want to flee the building at the end of the day. This will mean staying a bit longer after most have left.

It’s crazy because making art is just crazy all by itself.

But the idea won’t leave us alone. Kelsey showed me photos of her huge canvas paintings and I showed her my sketches. We both oohed and ahed over each other’s cell phone screens and shared what we love about visual art.

I have discovered that the craziest ideas are sometimes the best. And when they are not, those wild adventures are still pure fun.

Every time I stretch myself creatively, I meet amazing people like Kelsey who give life a little more sparkle when I need it most.

Best of all, my writing always gets better for the other art forms I practice as long as I protect my time with words. Something about playing and relaxing with new expressions helps me to let go of the tension I sometimes bring to the art form I feel the most compelled to create.

Maybe what she will make will look like this:


And maybe what I draw will look like this:


If that happens, I know I will get a good laugh out of it at the very least. I love the way I can relax with drawing and painting because I am not trying to impress. And, every so often, I can move that over to my words and let go of my unreasonable longing to be the next great writer. It’s a gift that music and visual arts gives to the take-it-too-seriously writer side of me.

I am so grateful.

The art begins next month. I’ll let you know how it goes.

May you find pure crazy creative fun,

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 6.57.01 AM

P.S. Deadline for the novel is tomorrow. I am on track in spite of the fun you just saw here. Or maybe it was because of the fun. Anyway…hooray!

About the author: Karrie Zylstra Myton is a blogger, essayist, and aspiring author who writes for the wild joy it brings on the best days and the hard lessons she learns about life on the worst. After crafting stories in the ridiculously early morning hours, she chases her two sons, cuddles with cats, and laughs with her husband about how crazy life can get in middle age.

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  • martha grover May 18, 2016, 2:31 PM

    Hurrah for crazy ideas and for finishing the novel.

  • Robin Stanton May 19, 2016, 4:05 AM

    I think that is a splendid idea. There is so much energy and healing in creative outlets. Keep me posted. Congratulations on finishing your book!

    • Karrie Zylstra May 19, 2016, 4:16 AM

      You are so invited! I’ve been looking for you to give details and am sure I’ll find you soon:)

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