Healing Wonders: Ocean’s Eight I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch while my foot heals from the surgery I had last week. This gave me more than the usual time to watch movies and read books with cats and a dachshund curled up on or next to me. My favorite move of the couch time is… READ MORE >>

Book Review of Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brené Brown I have been bothered for some time by the way we are speaking to one another, especially about politics. I lean toward the left. I guess this won’t surprise anyone who reads my blog. A student… READ MORE >>

One More Splash form Inktober

One of the Inktober artists I followed is having a contest! Pick your favorite drawing and Jessica Linn Evans will throw your name in a hat to win a print. Goodluck… READ MORE >>

“Well, there was a scorpion on my bed. I got kinda freaked and picked it up in the pajama pants I wasn’t wearing. Had to move it somehow.” The teenager looked at me from her top bunk. Ceiling fans swung above us providing the only relief from the Ciudad Juarez summer temperatures that hovered around… READ MORE >>

The burning ache in the top vertebrae of my neck began after two hours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t done painting the kitchen and dining room ceilings in two hours. It took about six hours of effort over two days of my Independence Day holiday. Owning a home, I long ago discovered, is not for those who… READ MORE >>

  Reassurance up front: I won’t tell the stories from this place that you don’t want to hear. Because as much as you don’t want to hear them, I don’t want to tell them that much more. One night a few years ago, I stood in front of a small audience at the Tacoma Public… READ MORE >>

  My writing froze over the last few months. What’s worse, I also could not seem to get into a story to read. I slowed in March to a reading and writing crawl and then, in April, virtually stopped. I could blame many things, including an extra splash of day job stress and a bad experience… READ MORE >>

I’ve learned priceless lessons from the transformation of a worship space into a gigantic place for trash that becomes treasures. Resist the ridiculous.We all have mountains of things like odd plastic mittens and pots that might be warmers but are not. The next time I see full price boot mitts for my Halloween costume, I will picture the teetering pile… READ MORE >>

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