The Seahawks and the words in a story. The two don’t seem to have much in common, but experiencing the buildup to the Superbowl within a few miles of Seattle’s epicenter has me thinking of crazy connections. Many years ago I took a fiction writing class through the University of Washington. The instructor and the… Read more


“Hello,” I croaked. I knew that the person on the other line could barely hear me, and I wondered why I’d bothered to answer the phone at all. Too late now. “Uh…is Philip Myton there?” said the receptionist from the clinic my husband uses. “No, he’s not.” I breathed more than spoke those words. I… Read more

In the motivational and educational world, people babble on about writing goals. I ask my students to think about their goals. I ask them to focus on success in their goals and picture what success looks like. We fill out papers that the state tells us we must and I try to infuse the classroom… Read more

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