My first two treasures in May came from opening my eyes. On this last day of May, I give you a small treasure I found when a lovely aroma made me look up while I walked for my lunch break. May you find joy with your nose this week-… READ MORE >>

My surprise treasure for this week came from driving my mom to and from her cataract surgery. I took a day off about a month ago to help her get a new eye lens surgically implanted. We both hope this will help her see colors again and do her work as an artist better. I had waited at… READ MORE >>

How to Find Hidden Treasure

Most of the books I’ve read about creativity encourage a daily walk. Apparently this is how many of the greats get (or got) their inspiration, and a recent Stanford study even found a strong correlation between walking and creativity. I usually prefer to run, pound the pavement, and fly along (granted a slow flight because of my rather… READ MORE >>

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