How to Find Hidden Treasure

Most of the books I’ve read about creativity encourage a daily walk. Apparently this is how many of the greats get (or got) their inspiration, and a recent Stanford study even found a strong correlation between walking and creativity. I usually prefer to run, pound the pavement, and fly along (granted a slow flight because of my rather… READ MORE >>

Question of the week: How do you reclaim a place with memories of sorrow? I recently read a piece by Martha Beck on how to mentally rewrite your tragedies so that you can find meaning even in the random badness that sometimes happens to us. In the case Beck describes, a woman is able to… READ MORE >>

Rat Terrier Teachings

I’ve finally revised my About Page. It took most of the week to get the written ‘selfie’ into shape, so I’m cross posting it here. I don’t remember the rat’s name. I wish I did. I saw the rat terrier sometime after I’d been chased by the pig. Or maybe it was before. It was, after… READ MORE >>

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