Over ten years ago, I took a class on adult psychology in a small classroom on Pill Hill in Seattle. The professor stood in front of us in a button up shirt with slacks that blended into the dark background of the room behind. As he described his experience of a wrenching divorce, he said he… READ MORE >>

On Monday, I hobbled into my teaching job. Every other step, pain zipped though the right side of my hip and forced me into a jerking sort of movement just short of a collapse. I could not keep my face straight or look people in the eyes until it eased up again. Over and over I heard… READ MORE >>

Warning: The open letter is full of spoilers. If you haven’t read the book, be warned. Dear John Green, Darn you. Darn you for writing a book that made me cry out loud. Darn you for writing a book that kept my behind stuck in the chair on a day off when I should have… READ MORE >>

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