The last time I went to Equity Day in Olympia, or something like it, I was single, about 25, and ended up getting interviewed on some news channel before the whole world started watching social media. Here’s how different it was this past President’s Day: My friend Billie Jo has 3 children, 6 and under… Read more

On New’s Year Eve, I crashed and burned so hard that I am still recovering here at the end of January. It all started out so well. My son and I were at First Night in Tacoma. December 31st was the kind of cold that made everything hurt from the tips of my nose to… Read more

The only thing slightly more syrupy than kitten stories has to be a story with kids and kittens. Brace yourself for syrup. This week Quinton started helping me to change the blanket in the kittens’ basket by holding the tiny ones in his lap on a blanket. We had thought Glitter might want to roam a… Read more

I recently heard Neil Gaiman tell an interviewer that getting old involved doing fewer and fewer things for the first time. I came up with a cure for that kind of aging that involves two parts: 1. Do something you’ve done before in a new way. 2. Bring a kid who is still doing everything for… Read more

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