So here’s a thing that happens to me with writing. If I write something awful, starting the next piece feels like wading through a muck-filled bog. “What if it stinks of skunk cabbage like last time?” I ask myself. If I write something wonderful, starting the next piece feels like wading though a muck-filled bog. “It can never be… READ MORE >> Last night I watched the Dallas Brass perform and it threw me back to my high school band days. My teenage trumpet player forced me out on a Friday night because his junior high band was performing with this group. I sat in the Puyallup High School auditorium thinking I had robbed someone by… READ MORE >>

The Beauty in Plan B

Every month I get together with a group of writers called Our Spirited Pens. Martha, a member of our group, has been telling us for some time about her talented daughter-in-law who writes and illustrates children’s books. We were thrilled this past month when Lorie Ann Grover said she’d come to speak to our little… READ MORE >>

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