I have a beautiful distant relative–my mother’s cousin’s wife. Irene is originally from Germany, tall, and with a presence I love to be around. She has the barest of accents and I only remember English is her other language because her words are so crisp and clean. She is the kind of relative who brings an air of… Read more

Yes, I said three beginnings. The Glitter who first stole my heart refused to love our dog or even to acknowledge his right to coexist in our home. She hissed, spit and charged at him even when he was cowering three floors away from her kittens and quaking in his doggie boots. Yesterday, I scrunched down… Read more

Caution: This story involves poop. I have found that poop is always involved when working with little people and animals, so maybe you won’t be surprised. But I thought I should warn you. My friend LeAnna, a horse lady from way back, said: “Fostering kittens is like having a tiny herd of horses in your house… Read more

The only thing slightly more syrupy than kitten stories has to be a story with kids and kittens. Brace yourself for syrup. This week Quinton started helping me to change the blanket in the kittens’ basket by holding the tiny ones in his lap on a blanket. We had thought Glitter might want to roam a… Read more

My friend Lynn won with the most original way of saying it: “You are taking in a teenaged mom!” I am. Here is Glitter. I fell in love with this very young mama cat at a local animal shelter but couldn’t take her home because she had just had kittens who needed to grow up before they could… Read more

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