When I read about local history for my books, I sometimes find surprising information about people who once lived here and the places I now see everyday. Not long ago, I was reading Furusato by Ronald E. Magden, a book lent to me by my friend and pastor Karen Yokota Love. Magden writes engaging accounts of… Read more

Warning: My dog died. Read on at your own risk. Last weekend we had to say goodbye to our sweet Cosmo. It’s a sad story with a sad ending that I don’t feel like telling on the Interwebs. In fact, I’m late posting this week because I don’t feel like telling that story, but it’s… Read more

Question of the week: How do you reclaim a place with memories of sorrow? I recently read a piece by Martha Beck on how to mentally rewrite your tragedies so that you can find meaning even in the random badness that sometimes happens to us. In the case Beck describes, a woman is able to… Read more

A Meteoric Bad Week

Last week a meteor blasted across the skies of Russia with many a car camera catching it’s unforeseen flight.  At about the same time, people gathered in other locations with their telescopes to watch a much larger but predicted asteroid slide harmlessly past the earth. The two events were completely unrelated according to all the… Read more

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