Tomorrow is my first day back to teaching after my late summer/fall break. I’m nervous. After thinking about juggling teaching, writing, family, and critters, I’ve decided to cut back on blogging for a stretch. I have the usual reasons which you might have, too, when too many things call out to you to be done… Read more

In looking back over the past year on my blog, I’ve noticed something that surprised me and made my writing heart happy. I posted The One and Only Ivan and a Measure of Peace after reading a kid lit book based on his life. The One and Only Ivan is a fictional story about a gorilla based on a… Read more

Blogging Resolutions in February

I’ve spoken to a lot of people lately about why I blog but it occurred to me that writing my purpose into my blog might be a good idea, too. So, in the spirit of my 30 day blog revision and a belated New Year effort, here I am  with a ‘purpose’ statement. I’m writing… Read more

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