Book review

I have two places to find books when I want to know what to read next. It was strange to me that in those two separate places I found first Moriarty and then Holmes, two books I adored. 1. My Mother’s Kindle A while back, my six-year-old dropped my electronic book. This is what I… READ MORE >>

As promised after the Super Bowl Sadness, I looked into people who have made mistakes and bounced back. When I googled and asked others about this I found three interesting things: 1. Lots of people have made mistakes. 2. No one wants to talk about their own mistakes. 3. It’s much easier to think even our… READ MORE >>

In looking back over the past year on my blog, I’ve noticed something that surprised me and made my writing heart happy. I posted The One and Only Ivan and a Measure of Peace after reading a kid lit book based on his life. The One and Only Ivan is a fictional story about a gorilla based on a… READ MORE >>

Warning: The open letter is full of spoilers. If you haven’t read the book, be warned. Dear John Green, Darn you. Darn you for writing a book that made me cry out loud. Darn you for writing a book that kept my behind stuck in the chair on a day off when I should have… READ MORE >>

Terry Pratchett is a name I’ve heard over the years but not someone I had read before. When I saw that one of my  favorite writers Neil Gaiman had worked with Pratchett, I decided to check him out. The Carpet People caught my eye and so I brought it home from the library — first… READ MORE >>

My friend Jill asked me this weekend what reading classics I would recommend for her and her soon-to-be four granddaughter. It was a delightfully difficult question to answer. Here are all of my ideas. Kid Classics Everyone Seems to Know Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown (The language in this is amazing. I read that one… READ MORE >>

Scat: A Review

Title: SCAT Author: Carl Hiassen Narrated By: Ed Asner Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (hardcover); Listening Library (audio CD) Publication Date: January 27, 2009 Length: 371 pages; 9 hours and 17 minutes Genre: Eco-fiction; humorous; mystery; realistic fiction Source: Checked out from library Completed: October 7, 2013 POV: Third Person Grade Level: 4-12 Age: 9-12 Memorable: Humorous and memorable character descriptions. Beginning scene… READ MORE >>

Esperanza Rising: A Review

Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan has everything I love in a novel. It has gorgeous imagery and historical interest that hooked me into what happened in the world we live in along with a plot that kept me turning pages. The vivid descriptions of both the ranch where Esperanza spent her early years and… READ MORE >>

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