Book Review: Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley

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Almost Everybody Farts Book Cover

Last weekend we were hiding from the rain in a small Westport shop.

My husband was standing at the book display chuckling behind his mask.

“Quinton would like this,” he said.

I bought it because the husband liked it and because in the first few lines I could tell the language and art lived up to the laughs.

In excellent picture book form, it has gorgeous drawings that add humor and depth to the words that work because the author spent the unbelievable amount of time it takes to get the sounds and rhythms to flow so well.

chicks fart illustration from book

“Farting chicken./Farting bunny./Uncles fart and think it’s funny.”

And Kelley weaves a clear story line that runs throughout about mothers and whether or not we indeed fart. (No spoilers. You’ll have to read to find out.)

Quinton wanted to not like it because he suspected his parents’ plot to get him to read. But he couldn’t help himself. He liked it, too.

Almost Everybody Farts gets two thumbs up for a skillful delivery of those darned jokes I always hated when I was a girl. “Seriously,” I always thought. “What IS so funny about farting?”

Little did I know I would one day write a whole book review on the subject. Ha!


About the author: Karrie Zylstra Myton is a blogger, essayist, and aspiring author who writes for the wild joy it brings on the best days and the hard lessons she learns about life on the worst. After crafting stories in the ridiculously early morning hours, she chases her two sons, cuddles with cats, and laughs with her husband about how crazy life can get in middle age.

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