Healing Wonders: Ocean’s Eight

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I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch while my foot heals from the surgery I had last week. This gave me more than the usual time to watch movies and read books with cats and a dachshund curled up on or next to me.

Black cat and dachshund crowded onto lap

My favorite move of the couch time is Ocean’s 8 with Sandra Bullock and a few other gigantic names. I had never seen the Ocean movies before so I had no idea what to expect. I later went back and watched 11 but ended up liking 8 the most. Here’s why:

  1. The jewels thrilled me. I mean seriously. Six pounds of diamonds really catches the eye.
  2. The dresses were phenomenal. (Really. Click to see these. I couldn’t find images with free usage rights to post but Fashionista does them justice.)
  3. I loved the idea of an all female team of criminals. Bullock’s line about women appearing invisible struck a chord. I don’t remember seeing a smart team like this done before and after the years watching movies like that with my dad with all the guy actors, it felt like such a wonderful relief. It was like The Great Escape with wonderful doses of estrogen.
  4. I loved the idea of Cartier snobbery not winning even though I suppose the criminals were a little snobby, too, in their own way.
  5. The insurance inspector was the bomb. James Corden plays the guy who investigates the theft and his small diner scene with Bullock with the crack about her librarian aunt who was not into crime still makes me smile. I have a soft spot for insurance because dad kept us fed with his years in that industry even though he didn’t enjoy it nearly like Corden’s character. Maybe if he’d been rescuing millions of dollars in jewels he might have!
  6. I loved the twists in both 8 and 11. In fact, I most loved the thought that went into plots like these. I’ve seen far too many superhero and animated movies in recent decades. Ocean’s 8 gave my brain just enough of a work out to start to make up for some of that.
  7. Oh, yes. And no violence to speak of. Also a fantastic plus after all those hours with the superheros who love nothing more than an eternal fight scene.

I’ll end with a recording of Yiruma who composed the sounds that came drifting down the stairs to my couch this week. The young man came home from college for the holiday and made good use of his lovely keyboard once more. I miss him all over again listening to this music.

May you know the wonder of how our bodies manage to heal with rest and time-


About the author: Karrie Zylstra Myton is a blogger, essayist, and aspiring author who writes for the wild joy it brings on the best days and the hard lessons she learns about life on the worst. After crafting stories in the ridiculously early morning hours, she chases her two sons, cuddles with cats, and laughs with her husband about how crazy life can get in middle age.

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