The Bee Sting and the Artist’s Day Job

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Our Family Caricature

The bee sting happened because Splash Mountain closed for renovations of all things.

I had grand plans to recreate a family photo with screaming faces from ten years ago but was foiled by Disney’s constant improvement plans. Because of this, Quinton and I waited rather impatiently at the Downtown Disney kiosk for Taylor, the artist, to draw our family instead.

And that’s when the bee got him. In the bee’s defense, the boy was twirling around and probably startled the thing into a deadly–to it–move.

There was screaming. A lot of screaming and not from the thrill of a log ride. So much screaming, in fact, that we caught the attention of a kind security officer. It turns out Disneyland has a nurse with ice packs and sting salve.

In spite of all that, we returned to get ourselves drawn as our favorite superheroes by Taylor H who loves to create everyday and collect a steady paycheck. She even adds details of the cities that the superheroes are bound to wreck. (We got a little philosophical about that.)

If I were braver, I’d have more photos of her and her process of drawing. In my defense, I was still in some shock from the sting myself. I mean, who knew Disneyland had a nurse?

Sting salve




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