Warning: The open letter is full of spoilers. If you haven’t read the book, be warned. Dear John Green, Darn you. Darn you for writing a book that made me cry out loud. Darn you for writing a book that kept my behind stuck in the chair on a day off when I should have… Read more

Terry Pratchett is a name I’ve heard over the years but not someone I had read before. When I saw that one of my  favorite writers Neil Gaiman had worked with Pratchett, I decided to check him out. The Carpet People caught my eye and so I brought it home from the library — first… Read more

I recently heard Neil Gaiman tell an interviewer that getting old involved doing fewer and fewer things for the first time. I came up with a cure for that kind of aging that involves two parts: 1. Do something you’ve done before in a new way. 2. Bring a kid who is still doing everything for… Read more

I’ve worked with many Korean students over the years, but woven throughout my life I’ve also been blessed with many Korean American friends. These lovely friends have touched my life in ways large and small. One lady came to my house to teach me her language. A professor friend once helped me write an essay when I was… Read more

“It’s way too big to be a squirrel,” I said as I looked in the tree. My teenaged son and I were camping near Shelton, WA and sitting by the fire he had been thrilled to build when I had noticed a creature settling into the branches above us. We kept staring and squinting at… Read more

I once believed, like many of my big hearted friends, that I could cut all the male/female references out of God and It would resonate for me. I even thought the neutral would work better for me because He would be free of gender. A great Force. An It that was bigger than gender. Bigger than the labels… Read more

My friend Jill asked me this weekend what reading classics I would recommend for her and her soon-to-be four granddaughter. It was a delightfully difficult question to answer. Here are all of my ideas. Kid Classics Everyone Seems to Know Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown (The language in this is amazing. I read that one… Read more

Sometimes when my reasonably fine life gets to be too much, I pull out my clarinet from its beaten case with the sides all sliced and peeling from when it faced various indignities on long ago band trips. I open the metal clasps on the side and look into that velvet-lined interior to find the… Read more

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